Monday, October 12, 2015


Set up. Photo by Marshall Dragoo.

The Kay’Otz need to recharge the monolith and contact their home dimension for further instructions. So, they have sent a detachment to the wormhole to accomplish this task and guard the monolith while it draws its energy from the wormhole.

The USA marines have a scientific team attached to their special ops unit with scanning gear modified to work with their ‘BUMP’ guns. The scouts have a similar scanning device, but it has a much shorter range. The scans are needed by USA Marine Supreme HQ for study and analysis. 

Mapsheet Beta will be used for this scenario.

Starting forces: Kay’otz set up first. Place the monolith in hex 335, an overlord unit at 341, and a ‘bodyguard’ unit in 433, with a CF of 5. Then place 6 other warrior units, chosen at random to be set up in the following hexes: 456, 236, 263, 552, 553, and 615. Use a marker of some kind to designate the Kay’otz bodyguard unit.

USA marines will enter on one of the 2 road hexes on the western edge, 541 or 254. Their starting forces consist of 1 HQ, 1 special ops, 1 scout, and 5 marine squads.

Special rules: To scan the monolith, a special ops unit must use it’s BUMP gun at a range of 6 hexes. On a d6 roll of 5+, a successful scan will occur. The scout must get within 2 hexes and has the same roll of success as the special ops unit, a 5+. The special ops unit may use its BUMP gun as a weapon, but must wait a full turn to ‘switch over’ before doing so. 

Victory conditions: Instant victory for the player occurs under the following: 3 successful scans, plus elimination of the initial overlord and bodyguard units, plus 6 other units of the Kay’otz.

If this is not met, then the game will continue until the end as normal. If the Kay’otz do not win by their normal mission chit pull, then the player can win in the following conditions: 

2 scans, overlord/bodyguard unit and 6 other units eliminated, decisive victory. 1 scan, overlord/bodyguard unit eliminated, and 4 other units eliminated, major victory. Average victory for 4 units eliminated. Otherwise, the player suffers defeat. 

This scenario for Invaders from Dimension X! was created by Marshall Dragoo.


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  2. I forgot one thing: The special ops unit(the initial one) may not use jump back movement for this scenario. The scout unit can. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for this scenario. I've just played my first game tonight, and I'll be adding this to the "must play" list.