Friday, October 16, 2015


Our newest recruits

Today we added three new games to our lineup-- WINTER THUNDER, OUR ROYAL BONES, and DORKING 1875.

First, we have WINTER THUNDER, an operational-level game on the famous "Battle of the Bulge. Designer Brian Train has substantially revised and streamlined his 2004 design, Autumn Mist, incorporating a newly-researched and more accurate order of battle with revised counter values and reinforcement schedule. The rules have been cleaned up and include an improved solitaire play system. There's even a drastically revised map with a different scale and treatment of terrain.  

Next, we have OUR ROYAL BONES: THE BATTLE OF BOUVINES, the next installment in the Shields & Swords series of medieval battle games from designer Tom Russell, who reunites with Alexander Krumwiede and Jose Ramon Faura, the artists responsible for Tiny Battle's Agincourt game We Happy Few. OUR ROYAL BONES uses the core Shields & Swords system to highlight differences in organizational structure and command control, and adds rules for captured nobles and elite heavy cavalry units. The French have a weak flank that must be protected at all costs, and the Coalition has a mass of powerful infantry units in the center. There are plenty of tactical choices to be made, and one strategic decision on which the whole battle might turn.

Last, but not least, is DORKING 1875: THE GERMAN CONQUEST OF BRITAIN, based on the genre-defining Victorian-era classic of alt-hist fiction, "The Battle of Dorking". Dorking's mechanisms are simple and straightforward, with important differences in technology and doctrine built-in and handled behind the scenes so that the players can focus on maneuver and attack without having to compute odds or round off factors. The turn structure is intermingled so that the players trade off phases over the course of the turn, keeping everyone interested and engaged in the proceedings.
Gallop or truck over to Tiny Battle Publishing to order our newest recruits.

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