Friday, October 2, 2015


Dorking 1875 map by Ilya Kudriashov

Dorking 1875: The German Conquest of Britain, designed by Mark Wightman, is based on the genre-defining classic of military alt-hist fiction, The Battle of Dorking, by G.T. Chesney. In this 1871 novella (originally appearing as a serial in Blackwoods Magazine), Chesney asked what would happen if Britain was to be invaded in the near future. His answer: the ill-prepared and outdated military would be crushed by a newly reunified Germany. Not so far-fetched considering it came on the heels of the humiliating and alarming defeat of the Second French Empire in a whirlwind campaign a year before. The story sent shockwaves throughout the general public, and jump-started important reforms in the British military. 

Wightman’s Dorking 1875 recreates one version of the most famous battle that never was.

Dorking 1875 cover by Tom Russell

Counters by Ilya Kudriashov

Dorking 1875: The German Conquest of Britain coming in October from Tiny Battle Publishing.

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