Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Introducing Fred Willard! 


Some of you are probably wondering where December's games are. Heck, some of you are probably wondering where the games you ordered are. While we've tried to keep you guys up to date on CSW, BGG, Facebook, and Twitter-- you're all following us on these various sites, right?-- we thought we had better take this opportunity to clear the air a bit. Basically, our printer had a catastrophic equipment failure that had him out of commission for the better part of a month. That put everything-- December's releases, the resupplies for our previous titles, the publication of the next issue of Yaah! magazine by our sister company Flying Pig Games-- way back. Things are up and running again now, and we've been busy little bees indeed, shipping orders as soon as we have copies of the games. The "December" releases will be available for you to order as soon as we have copies on hand. Speaking of which... 


In The Trenches: Dough Boys   


In the Trenches: Doughboys by John Gorkowski

The second Base Set in Tiny Battle's iteration of John Gorkowski's In The Trenches has three new scenarios and maps. Two of these are designed by Mr. Gorkowski, and cover historical engagements from The Great War. A third hypothetical scenario has been lovingly crafted by Trenches super-fan Mark H. Walker. As with the first Base Set, Devil Dogs, this has all the status markers and rules that you'll need to play any of the upcoming expansions. We're hard at work on those, but to give you a little tease... Our first expansion will cover some of the action at Verdun, while our second focuses on the Japanese. 


Savage's Station


Savage's Station by Tom Russell

Savage's Station is the third game in Tom Russell's Blood Before Richmond series. It has the same brigade-level crunchiness that you enjoyed in Gaines's Mill and Glendale & White Oak Swamp, but it's a smaller (and stranger) battle. Confederate command-control is loopier than usual -- which is understandable, since morphine's involved! The Confederate Player can tip the odds in his favor by calling in extra reinforcements, including the famous Land Merrimack, but at a cost of VP which he might not have the time to make up, as neither player knows when exactly the battle is going to end in a sudden thunderstorm. It's a very challenging battle for both sides, gorgeously rendered by Ilya Kudriashov. 


Downloads Now Exclusive Through Wargame Vault 


More than one customer has had an issue with disappearing download links. It seems like every day, I'll get at least one email asking me where the link is. I don't mind that so much personally, but I don't like the idea of having our customers jump through hoops to get the games they paid for. In pursuit of a better, brighter, more hoopless future, Mark and I have moved the digital component of Tiny Battle exclusively over to Wargame Vault. No need to worry about missing the link, no need to dig around for your transaction number: Wargame Vault handles everything on their site. Does this cut into our profit margin on the downloads? Yep, it sure does. You know what? You guys are worth it. :-) 


It's the Holiday Season 

From all of us at Tiny Battle Publishing, we hope you had a very merry Christmas and we wish you a very... 

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