Monday, September 14, 2015


"Beginnings are always difficult."
- Herbert Marshall, Trouble In Paradise, 1932

Nearly 5 months ago, I got a call from Mark Walker, game commander at Flying Pig Games. We spoke of many things and apparently pigs do have wings. One of those other many things was a new company focusing on small footprint folio-style games. He needed a game commander for Tiny Battle Publishing, as it was to be called, and I said "Yes". (I'm definitely commanding.) So, I took to the helm and have been steering us towards this very exciting destination.

The doors were to open in mid-June. Holy moley! All summer long we seemed to be just a week or two away from going public but then something would rock the boat, map sizes that couldn't be done, deadlines that couldn't be met, miscommunications, last minute game & art hiccups. It was always frustratingly out of reach. We've been sitting on some great games wondering if we would ever get to share them with you. Then we sailed into August and finally everything started to come together. And here we are at last, snug in port, opening our doors.

Let the games begin!

On a planet far, far from home, it's Hermann Luttmann 's "Invaders from Dimension X" with the 124th Galactic Marine Raider Battalion up against invading alien swarms, aka Kay'otz. Hermann had an idea for a game based on total chaos. And darned if he didn't do it. With perseverance and skillful strategy - and some luck - will you be able to discover the plans and tactics of these invaders from another dimension. "Invaders from Dimension X" is a totally random and crazy delight topped with retro art 50's-style supplied by Tim Allen.

In Antarctica, no one can hear you scream. It's very windy! "Neuschwabenland", by Christian Sperling, finds us in Antarctica with the German Gebirgsjager troops, specially-trained to survive in sub-zero temperatures but not specially-trained to survive acid-spitting Alien Worms which have suddenly appeared. The Germans have an experimental flying saucer, the Haunebu, and a load of neat special gear and weapons. And they're going to need all of it. What with being pitted against the aforementioned acid-spitting Alien Worms, who have their very own special weapon, twenty-foot tall walking tripods. They're outnumbered and desperate and they can't phone home.

Fate made them soldiers. Seven days left them dazed and confused. "Gaines's Mill", by Tom Russell, is the first in the Blood Before Richmond series recreating the Seven Days Battles fought between McClellan's Army of the Potomac and Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. It's rife with clever die-roll activations and stack of steps combat. Maybe you can get Mr. Paranoia himself, George B. McClellan motivated to take action and win the battle that historically was a victory for the Confederates. Keep an eye out for "Glendale & White Oak Swamp" up next in the Blood Before Richmond series.

The game's afoot and it's the 600th anniversary of King Hal's adventures near a place called Agincourt. In France. But, like, olden times. Why not toss back a couple of pints and celebrate with Tom Russell's "We Happy Few". Watch the vastly outnumbered disease-ridden English get squashed or mop the battlefield with those sneering Frenchies. "We Happy Few" is the first of the Shields and Swords (S&S) system for Tiny Battle Publishing. Next up in the series is "Our Royal Bones: The Battle of Bouvines". Can't wait for Bouvines, then take a trip over to our sister company Flying Pig Games and order Yaah! magazine #1 ( You'll find not one but two games in the S&S system, "Stamford Bridge" and "A Hill Near Hastings".

We hope you enjoy the games.

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